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Introducing the NFC Business Cards that epitomize premium luxury and stand out from the rest. These are the cards that pave the way for closing significant deals and capturing attention.

Crafted with utmost expertise, our metal NFC Business Cards are made of ultra-durable stainless steel and meticulously etched using our fiber laser technology, ensuring a flawless and top-quality finish. Each card comes equipped with an embedded NFC chip, allowing you to effortlessly share your profile within seconds.

Our metal NFC Business Cards represent the pinnacle of exclusivity, with each one custom etched in India to guarantee a truly first-class appearance. Every NFC Business Card is unique and tailored with your needs in mind. Whether you have specific goals or dreams, we have a card designed to support you on your journey.

Finally, the wait is over. This is the NFC Business Card that will revolutionize your approach. Embrace the change and redefine the game.

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15 g


5.398 × 5.398 cm



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